Increase in the Internet market

Increase in the Internet market


The results of 2017 showed that the food product segment of online trading is developing faster than any other segments of retail sales. Analytics from INFOLine believe that in the next 5 years, this trend will continue, and by 2022 the scope of this part of the market might face a ten-time grow.

As INFOLine informs, last year the share of the food product segment of Internet commerce in Russia totaled almost 25 billion RUB. About 15 billion rubles came from Moscow and the Moscow region. As for the total scope of the market for online trading of tangible goods (including non-food items), in 2017 it amounted to 1.2-1.5 trillion RUB. These figures show a segment growth of 20-23% on average.

The deciding factor in the rapid development of the Internet market of goods should be the adoption of a bill that legalizes the sale of alcohol through the Internet. If this happens, the profitability of the online sales industry will increase dramatically, which is not surprising: alcohol is one of the most highly profitable categories of everyday goods. At the same time, experts do not share the fears that this innovation will lead to an increase of the consumption of alcohol in the country.

Today, consumers can purchase online products from Auchan, SPAR, “Perekrestok” (Crossing), “OKEY”, “Miratorg”, “Azbuka vkusa” (The ABC of Taste), “Globus”, and “Monetka” (A Coin). In addition, food products can be bought at “Yulmart”, Ozon and Wildberries, although these online stores specialize in non-food products. The management of networks “Lenta” and “Victoria” (supermarkets “DIXI”) is considering the development of the online trading sector.

One of the first online food stores “OKEY” opened in March 2015. Now the network launches the project “OKE-Auto”: online orders in hypermarkets can be taken without leaving the car.

In March 2017, the online supermarket “Perekrestok” of the X5 Retail Group was opened in Moscow. A regular store is integrated with the dark store, working with the collection and delivery of online orders.

In September of the same year, a similar format was tested by the Auchan network. In fact, the innovations touched upon only the sale of beverages, confectionery and groceries, but soon the retailer is planning to organize the online trade of other products.

Agroindustrial holding “Miratorg” also sells its products online. About 400 food items are represented at the online store.

In the United States and Europe, products from offline stores have been operating successfully for a long time. In Russia, such services have started to appear during the last 2 years: in Moscow it is Instamart, in St. Petersburg it is iGooods. Such steps in the development of the industry suggest that in the close future, Russians will buy products online as often as they do the shopping in regular stores.