Modi Fun Shop is not just a store of unique and unusual things, but a whole world that makes you smile and creates excellent mood!

We set ourselves the task of creating goods, perfectly complementing  each other. And we can be absolutely confident that we are successfully coping with this task! Every month we update the collection, supplementing it with new and unusual items.

In our stores everyone will find something to their liking. You can not only please yourselves, but also find gifts for your friends and family. Modi employs professionals with an excellent sense of humor! We will help you to pick up a gift for any occasion and will make even the gloomiest person on earth smile!))

For the last 3 months we have opened 12 stores in Russia. But we are not going to stop at our achievements. Now 78 stores are already open! We want to make Modi accessible to everyone. We want to you to have the possibility to visit us at any convenient time and take with you a piece of positive emotions wherever you will go.
Modi Fun Shop is always on guard of your good mood!

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